Our loss can be His Gain.

3:42:00 PM

I have had one of those weeks.  One of those weeks where you can get lost in the problems of the day and lose sight of reality.  Lose sight of what our purpose is and what His plan is for our life.  Today I was put into perspective once again.  My mom called this morning and said she had some bad news.  A friend from high school was shot and killed last night in my hometown.  I am sure that everyone that met Joey has their own special memories of Joey and who he was.  I have mine.  I have some really funny ones actually and my dad can attest to that.  He was the class comedian, my side kick when I would skip yearbook, my neighbor that never failed to stop by when I was home from college. 

I think when I heard the initial news I was just in a place of shock.  It wasn't until I hung up the phone that the true reality of the situation hit me.  Today, a life was ended.  A life was stolen.  Stolen by the enemy of this world that wants to kill, steal and destroy.  Today, a family mourns the loss of their son, a sister says goodbye to her brother and friends and family ponder the memories and significant moments they shared with Joey.  Today, so many emotions are being felt in my hometown.  Today, Facebook is filled with many emotions, regrets, best wishes and even some anger.  Today, many people are hurting.  But the truth is... there are so many people hurting at this very moment.

People are experiencing death, sickness, job loss, family separation and many more tragic scenarios.  This world is begging and calling out for a Savior.  The Savior is Jesus and He is the only One that can take your wrecked situation and totally transform your wreckage into Beauty.  My deepest thoughts and prayers are being poured out to Joey's family and I honestly don't know how you deal with such terrible news.  I really don't.  My flesh would not be able to deal with this type of loss, but my God can.  That's why I know and trust that the only peace and comfort you can find when dealing with this type of loss is to look to the One that paid and lost everything when He died on the Cross.  Jesus is the only one that can feel your pain at this very moment.  He is the only one that can truly stand in your shoes and say I know what you are going through at this very moment.  Jesus is the only one that can lift you up from the pits of sadness and anger and bring you to a place of victory and stability in your life.  No matter the situation... God can and will redeem it if you call upon Him. 

Life is short.  The church MUST stand up.  My prayer is that God would tangibly come down and bring a peace that no other can bring on this family.  That Joey knew the Lord and that he is rejoicing with our heavenly Father.  That the authorities and police departments would take charge and make the appropriate arrest to bring the family closure and relieve any feelings of retaliation or revenge.  My prayer is that a revival would take place in Statesville and that God's goodness would rise up out of this tragedy and others would come to know Christ through all of this. 

When my flesh is weak, His spirit is strong in me...

Take refuge in the One that surrendered it all for YOU so that you could have an eternal relationship with the God who created you to be victorious in Christ.

Our loss can be His gain if we surrender our pain, our sufferings, our own efforts completely and wholly to Him.  He will turn our failures into His victories, which will enable us to live a much more efficient, glorious and fulfilled life. 
A life that may be short, but one that doesn't go unnoticed.

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  1. Anonymous24.9.11

    Psalm 34:8 then 1 Peter 2:3 then Isaiah 57:1-2 all from the New Living Translation