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At the beginning of Spring I had this beautiful burlap wreath with our letter N nicely displaced for all of our visitors.  I was particularly proud of this wreath because I had made it last summer using scrap burlap, a wooden letter that was given to me and an old wire wreath form that I had stolen off of an ugly old wreath.  So virtually it was FREE.   And that made it even more beautiful.

But the only guests that my wreath really impressed was not of the human kind.

Apparently, beside from the fact that it was free and pretty, it was also cozy.  Or at least according to the neighborhood birds that decided to make this cozy burlap their new home.  What started out as one bird, eventually turned into 3 as their trust grew around us and knowing that as we walked up to the doorway we had no intentions on harming them.  Sounds cute doesn't it?

Well, it was absolutely adorable.  Right up until they got so comfy that they decided not to leave their cozy coupe while dropping their business right down the side of my door.  Every. Single. Time.  And it added up.  I soon had a spread of that grossness lining my doorway and after about a week, their cozy little home came crashing down.

I managed to save the letter from the wreath and I also managed to fight back the tad bit of guilt when I would see those little birds fly up and look for their home.  The reminder of their "left behinds" kept me focused on creating something new, cheap and not-so-bird-friendly.

So here was my project.

Thankfully I had some left over burlap, so all I needed to purchase was a backless frame from Michaels, using their awesome 40% off coupon.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard (I used an old box)
Glue Gun
Wooden Letter (Painted)

I had an old box from a birthday present shipment.  I simply laid the frame on it, traced the inside and cut out.

Simple enough.

 Here are all the items laid out.  I couldn't decided if I wanted to use fabric or burlap.  

I decided burlap.

I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard like a Christmas present and hot glued everything else in place.  Then pop the burlap piece in by placing a small amount of glue around the inner edges and boom.  You have a new, non- bird friendly front door flair to add for all of your guest.  

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  1. Absolutely love how this turned out!! Well done!