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Hi there.  Here's the second "Sunday Post"

Before I get to the sofa table, I must tell you about our fishy adventure that went down this week.  When we began our homeschooling adventure back in September, we decided that a class pet was an absolute must. A fish being the obvious, easiest choice, we decided to bring red fishy home with us and enjoy the luxury of a "care free" little guy, who we later named "Shark Bait HoHaHa."  (you know, from finding Nemo?)  You must say it in the voice out loud just one time… I promise it will bring joy to your Sunday.

Shark Bait was a friendly little guy who didn't seem to mind when mommy forgot to feed him.  He swam and did his thing.  Up until last Sunday.  I noticed he started slowing wayyyyy down and eventually stopped eating.  He would lie on the bottom of the bowl and swim up occasionally for a gulp of air, all to slowly float backwards back down.  After two pet store trips, one phone call, $30 dollars in "treats," remedies and a heater, he finally made one big leap in his glass bowl and called it quits.  Wade and I were sitting on the couch last night when we heard the big splash… then downwards he went.  The girls were in bed already and I actually tried to wake up my oldest, Ej to say her goodbyes by the porcelain throne to her beloved fishy friend.  She, half asleep and without much concern, waved goodbye and told him to have fun in fish heaven and back to sleep she went.

Not much to our surprise, the true dramatics happened this morning when the girls realized that the glass bowl was empty and Shark Bait had mysteriously went to heaven.  I think they got really confused when daddy told them that mommy had flushed him down the toilet.  I guess in their little minds they thought he would miraculously float up to heaven.  Makes sense actually.  Kind of wish it worked that way.

Shark Bait in his final days.

So today, we brought home Shark Bait TwoHaHa.  Hopefully, now that we have the thermometer, the heater and the treats galore, we will have more success with this princess.  Yes, the girls insisted that we pretend our male fish is a girl and Wade insisted we name her Shark Bait TwoHaha.


Back to the Sofa Table.

Here is our living room before. 

see the floating couch?

 I had a truck of toys behind the couch so that the girls could hide their toys and have a space to play without all the tripping over stuff.  However with the recent changes to our new playroom (reveal coming soon), I no longer need to shove all their stuff behind the couch.  Plus having the extra space in the living room made Wade Nagy and I happy.

But before I could slide the couch back to the wall, I needed a Sofa Table.  We had a few extra pallets lying around that were intended for a Pinterest project and decided to use those for a small table.

 This was right before painting it.

I didn't need anything fancy.  Just something to put some stuff on.  I wish I could tell you that he used "plans" and all the measurements so that you could make one for yourself.  
However, thats not Wade Nagy. 
 He just throws it all together.  I did however give him these pictures for some inspiration.
So after some paint, here it is.

Just need some paint on the walls, curtains and a rug.  
But compared to how it looked when we moved in… I think we've come a long way.

See you next Sunday.

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  1. This turned out really nice! I love pallet furniture :)

    Happy to be a new follower!

  2. Thanks Taylor!! I am happy you are a new follower as well! Cant wait to jump on over to your blog! And thank you… the best part about pallet furniture is it's FREE!

  3. I got tickled about your post on the fish. I have been feeding a betta for about a month by letting him jump up in a ladle. (I put the ladle down in the tank.) He can't swim to the top for food, but he can reach it in the ladle. The fish belonged to my daughter's friend and was on deaths door (gray and all), and I nursed the thing back to life. He still stays on the bottom most of the time, but swims around a little as you described.

    1. Angie.. I am just now seeing this comment. Unfortunately our second fish bit the dust also so we said that we probably aren't the best fish owners and have moved on from the challenge :) I admire that you were able to keep your fishy friend alive... cause I have NO IDEA how to do that.

  4. Good read. The sofa table seems like a good addition and a nice pallet project. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you for your comment!! and sorry for the late response. Our pallet table was free and is certainly being used!! :)