DIY Wedding Shower Approved

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Wade Nagy and I had a productive week.  Nothing like hosting a wedding shower at your home to give you that kick that you need to get back on the renovation train.  It's easy with 3 kids and one on the way to lose sight of what "needs to be done."  After all, all of the speckled walls had become home and the unsightly decor that I had hanging outside had just become an easy solution to fill a wall.

But that's not always the best.  I have learned that sometimes less is more and a blank wall is sometimes better than outdated decor.

So we will start there...

I was hosting about 30 some peeps in my home.  So I knew that the outdoors needed to be utilized in the best way possible.  We worked on some furniture (which I will show you later) and had the back deck looking much better.  Until I came to the doorway.  And there it was.  The chicken that I have had since we first got married.  Granted, Wade Nagy and I used to have chickens.  Their names were Yosef, Claudia, Tyson and Purdue.  All of which left this world in an unimaginable way, in which we quickly learned that we are not the best chicken owners.  So the only chicken that survived was this lovely thing.  And to be honest, it should have probably died with the rest.  Or at least stayed back with the old farm house we used to own.

I needed a quick fix.  I had this letter in a closet left over from a project that I never completed.  (this happens a lot).  So with some spray paint and some burlap (that I used for the wedding shower), my new decor was simple and clean.  And highly resembled the one I just showed you on this post.  But oh well.  I still believe it to be an improvement from the rusty old chicken.
Start with a can of Indoor/ Outdoor Spray Paint.  Allow to dry.  I then tied burlap string and topped it off (mainly to cover the nail in the brick) with a thicker burlap fabric.  Both can be found at Walmart.
Then, there was the painting of the walls...  Wade Nagy pulled this off in just the nick of time.  We both agreed that we should have said goodbye to the speckled spots a long time ago.  Our living room and hallway now feel like a fresh, clean space.
This was me testing the color because the lack of faith I had in Wade Nagy when he chose something different than I had originally chosen.  But I LOVED it.  And that is why we make a great team.

Final after pics will come in a later post.

And then there was this... The Fireplace.
 Now this was one of those things that I knew needed to be done, but had dreaded the task.  That was until I knew 30 people were coming to my house and boom... motivation had reignited.  

The first couple hours were fun.  I loved seeing the new, fresh color roll over the dingy white.  But after the 2nd day, I could have tore down the whole entire fireplace and called it a day.
The mortar... Oh. My. Goodness.
So if you think you have the sanity for this project...  Then at least allow yourself more than 2 days to complete the task.  Start with a small roller (made for brick), then use a 2-3 inch Purdy Brush to get deep inside of the mortar.  The color of this paint is Sherwin Williams, Functional Gray.
Now that its D O N E... I love the results.
Learn how to make this pallet deer (here).

In a few days, I will show you the outdoor furniture that made our deck sing in gratitude and I also will have some really cute dancers who rocked it last week in their dance recital.  Plus... I know you want to see some pics of the wedding shower...  It was such a great time and the bride, well, she's a beauty.

Here are some sneak peaks for the next few posts...

Early Sunday Morning breakfast at our new outdoor table.  

and just a sneak peak of the wedding shower.  More to come.

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  1. The fire place and mantle turned out awesome!!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I agree and it should have been done a long time ago haha. It looks so much better. :)

  2. Look at y'all doin awesome home improvements. Love it all. Wish my hubby could help me. ;)

    1. Thanks Leslie!! Yes, I was very fortunate that Wade was willing to use his late nights to help me out. Of course him loving this stuff helps :)

  3. Anonymous12.9.14

    I love your fireplace makeover. How deep is your mantel? And do you know how it is attached to the brick corbels? My fireplace has the brick corbels like yours but it didn't have the mantel when we bought our house and I have no idea how to install a mantel on it. Thanks

    1. the wood is literally bolted through one of the holes in the bricks on each side. it was fortunately done before we moved in! and sorry it took me so long to reply :/ but thank you for your comment! :)