The Homeschool Room

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When we moved into our very old, but new house back in July 2013, we knew that the first renovation was going to be the dining room turned soon-to-be homeschool room.  Maybe it was the fact that school was scheduled to start in just a few weeks and this mama was totally stressing out and needed some renovation therapy or maybe it was because the room reminded me of dijon mustard with a splash of dated brass and it just had to go.  Either way, we knew this was our first tackle.

 This was taken the day before move-in day.

And this was just a few days after move-in day.
All of this furniture in one room almost drove me mad.  Color overload.

And this was my view from the living room… gag.

And then there was this.
Heaven pulled up in my drive way with a true angel driving this beast. 
My heart was happy.

And there's my happy man ready to please his woman.  
But don't let him fool you… He loves doing this stuff.

Oh the clutter that must happen before the final stage.  This drives me crazy during the renovation process, but it totally makes you appreciate the outcome even better.

And some progress was made.

The lower file cabinet drawers were in and next on the agenda were the cabinets.  
I was beyond excited to put all my teaching files in those drawers.

This was almost as good as the cabinets going in.
Bye-Bye Dijon.. Hello Rain Blue. (find the paint color here)

The bookshelves!!  
Wade Nagy had to make those babies sturdy due to the amount of books that were about to go on these B.E.A.U-tiful shelves.  

This is where I started to get real impatient.  I was already in the stage of imagining where the picture frames and baskets were going to go.   I wanted it DONE. 

And even though our cabinets were not quite completed… the school year had to start.
Mama was still very happy to begin her year using bookshelves and file cabinets rather than books out of a smelly Tubberware container in the garage.

Here is student #1.

Here is student #2.
We began the year with Duncan Donuts.  
No better way than to begin the school year.

Student #3.
She loved the rug.
This might have been the only time she was still all day.


And here is the final reveal…

I love how bright it is.  
Wade Nagy, you did good.  Real good.

Now, as much as I would have loved to decorate these shelves with stylish frames, rustic containers, candles and splashes of gray… I had to remember that these babies were built for HOMESCHOOL.
So rainbow colors and Junie B. Jones books were a must.

My new view.

I sprayed painted the light with a deep oil rubbed bronze look and added these shades that I purchased from Habitat for .99 a piece.  Pretty awesome.

Before                                                        After.

The room renovation took less time than it did for me to finally post the before and afters.  
Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. I love it ! And enjoyed seeing it happen! I am so proud of you!!! Way to go!! Toney is homeschooling also. Love ya Judy Gustin

  2. it looks amazing Tiff! i LOVE the pic of River laid out on the rug. I could just eat her (but I won't ;))

  3. Thanks y'all!! And yes… River usually lays it all out there during homeschool hours. Either that or she is pulling all the numbers off of the calendar :) Thanks for commenting!!

  4. I love this room so, so much. It is so beautiful and such hard work put into it. What a great place to spend the day! Such a talented family!!!

  5. I love this room makeover! Amazing!

    1. Thank you Melissa!! We were pretty proud and even more excited to get these girls started in their new homeschool journey. Those shelves have definitely payed off. :) :)