Answered Prayers.

8:27:00 AM

Hi!  I woke up this morning with all the same excitement that I had from yesterday (which you can read about here), but with clearer thoughts and was actually able to process all that has happened over the last week. 

Last Friday, while visiting Wilmington for a marriage conference (which I will post later, promise), Wade and I had a series of events happen that we would have never imagined...  Just as I spoke about in past posts, our God is so creative and sometimes waiting, although extremely difficult, can be some of our greatest moments/ lessons in life's journey.  And yes... it is a journey, that has turns, flips and sometimes sudden halts that leave us wondering what God's plan is.  But that's just it... HE HAS A PLAN!  And it is absolutely, positively PERFECT.  We do not see the whole picture, but He does.  So why is it so hard to completely hand it over to HIM and relax?  Maybe so we will seek Him more?  These are all questions that I had while we were in "waiting."  But then SUDDENLY, things changed for our family.

Over the course of 1 week, we attended a marriage conference, 3 phone calls, 2 interviews and 3 LONG days of waiting to find out yesterday that Wade has a JOB!  He has spent the last year and a half, countless hours, sending resumes, making phone calls, having successful interviews to see the doors closed and even endured a Fire Department Agility Test in efforts to make a complete career change to have little to no success.  That is why this is such a miracle...  This job was practically laid in Wade's lap.  No effort.  He did not pursue this job, nor did he even know there was an opening!  It was as if God said, "Here you go my son, here is the perfect job for you.  Why?  Because I love you..." 

So, Wade will be working for a Home Builder in Wilmington, NC starting Feb. 28th.  There are so many details that we have to work out like the selling or renting of our home, finishing out my new job till May, a place to live in Wilmington and of course the move.  The excitement of the job, is literally taking up all of our thoughts right now and I know that all of these other details are just minor.  God is not going to take us on this adventure without finishing the details.  HE HAS GOT THIS.  As for the move, leaving my family and friends... that hasn't quite set in yet.  I know it will closer to time, but as for now I just ask for prayer in this.  I also ask that you will pray for Wade and I, as we will be spending a good part of our time apart.  We haven't been apart for more than 5 days in the last 8 years.  So pray. 

I also wanted to thank you for following our job search journey.  For all the thoughts, prayers and encouragement that I have received from so many of you.  I am so thankful for all of you.  The journey is not over... it has only begun!

NOW... back to my jumping around, can't believe this, all we can talk about, thank you Jesus, can't stop smiling kind of day!

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  1. So happy for you ALL! Keep celebrating you deserve it!

  2. one of my morning men's meeting this week gave me a perspective of God's view of His plan verses our plan. Picture looking out of the windshield of the car. there is a rear view mirror in the way....showing us where we have been. Look too long and your mind will focus on where you have been and not where you are going. This is normal; that is, the way we usually see things. But now see that mirror as the SMALL picture of His plan and the windshield as His BIG plan. My brothers and sisters in Christ, be abnormal and look at the big picture when shown it. Grow is wisdom and grace! Pops Nagy

  3. WOW! this is amazing and so exciting! So happy for you and Wade and your family! Maybe some of that "job getting" stuff needs to rub off on us! ;) This is amazing. I'll keep you in my prayers thru this transititon. I know it can be exciting, but nerve racking, too. So glad I could be a part of the excitement!!!!
    XOXO, Cat