Why you need a Design Board.

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I am so grateful for the things that God has gifted me with, but let me tell you... when He made me, He left out one important skill.  Cooking.  When I am in the kitchen, I am like a fish out of water.  It is just not where I am made to belong.  I have come to terms with it.  Success just doesn't come naturally to me when its time to feed all of the "hungries" living here.
I familiarize myself with the recipe, have my ingredients before hand and have the kitchen to myself without any distractions.  And possibly some prayer.  Much needed prayer.  So to sum that up...
In order for me to have success in the kitchen, I must HAVE A PLAN.

Well folks, that is what a Design Board is.

How many of you have spent countless hours moving things around to do it all over again the next day and still not be happy with the outcome?  Or have you spent hours staring at the decor or sofa chair in the store, all to never make a decision because you just can't visualize how it will look or fit in your space?  Or even worse, how many of you have spent the money on what you thought would look great in your home, all to be displeased with your purchase?

And then there are those few that have completely said the heck with decorating their space because it causes more frustration than joy? 

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, you are like me standing in the kitchen with the wrong ingredients and no recipe. 

You need a plan.

That is what I want to do for you.  I have began what is called "Design Packages" for a few clients who have reached out to me through This Whole House Facebook Page.  Basically how this works is, you send me pictures and possibly measurements of your space, answer a few questions from me and I in return send you back a Design Package full of decor' ideas, shopping list and advice on how to declutter or rearrange your space.  

What you are left with is an awesome plan for your space without all of the headache and money over spent of doing it yourself.  You have basically hired someone to design your space virtually.  Without someone ever stepping foot into your home and the effort of just a few simple clicks of a camera.

So to help me get started... Cause pretty soon I will be charging for this service,
I want to give away FIVE FREE rooms of design.  

That means FIVE people get to have one room in their home set up to have an amazing facelift.  

All you have to do is...
1.  LIKE our Facebook Page
2.  Become a Follower of this blog (right hand column).

These two simple task will help promote This Whole House and will help me out a ton.
Please share with your friends and I look forward to helping some peeps with their space.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some examples of Design Boards.  You will receive the Design Board, along with a detailed description of where to shop and ideas of rearranging and decluttering your space.  I fully believe that everyone, even myself, needs a fresh set of eyes when it comes to your home.  


Go ahead... scroll back up and ENTER this awesome giveaway. :)

Thanks friends,

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  1. What a cool idea! I just moved into an odd spaced loft, soooo hopefully you have to come up with the ideas :)

    Tattered to Taylored

  2. Diana B7.3.14

    Ooh, I would love this!! We have a really awkwardly shaped living room and have no idea what to do with it.

  3. I love how you never run out of ideas!!!

  4. Love! The rug in your kitchen and dining photo is what we have in our living room. :) We love it!!!

  5. As much as the thought of remodeling another room makes me squirm right now (I am typing this during my break from mudding my master bedroom ceiling!) I know I want a fresh set of eyes in my living room! It's the next big project!