I did it...YOU CAN TOO!

9:44:00 AM

A new day, a new year... I woke up this morning feeling, well the same that I always do... except one factor.  I had made a commitment yesterday in my resolutions to get healthy and with that came some action.  Already dreading the idea, I dressed and got myself mentally prepared to venture outside for a morning run.

Just so you know... I haven't REALLY worked out since college.  With that being said, I was mentally prepared for this run, but as for physical... well, it was just ugly. 

I started off pretty good.  The cool, brisk air, clearing my thoughts, the quietness of being away from the kids... soon turned into coughing, knees aching and the feeling that my lungs were going to pop out of my chest.  Not to mention the wobbly legs that kept tripping where the road meets the grass.  Yes... I know, UGLY!

I finally made it home.  I have to say I was very happy to have my husband and oldest daughter cheering me on when I walked in the door. 

So why am I writing this blog as I sit here exhausted and still coughing?

Because...  If you are waking up this morning regretting your last night resolutions or feeling like you can't do them....  I am here to tell you that you CAN.  It may be hard, it may just be down right ugly, but you CAN do it.

I did...

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  1. Anonymous4.1.11

    You can do it Tiffany! I believe in you! tori