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Since the first of January, I have devoted myself to writing The Sunday Post each week.  What started out as quest to reach more readers and increase blog traffic has transformed into so much more.  The increase of readers and encouragement has pushed me back to my once-upon-a-time dream of having a "must-read" blog.  It just shows that if you just "start" moving toward what you want in life then your efforts at least get the ball rolling and actually gives God something to work with.  When we find ourselves waiting for it all to line up "perfectly" or waiting for just the "right" moment we are limiting ourselves.   And God.   I have never seen my girls just sit for something that they want... unless I have used my deep "mommy voice" and made them.  They go after it.  They don't need everything to always make sense or appear to be perfect.
They see, they want, they go after it.  

You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.
~les brown

So let's keep the ball rolling shall we?

The Sunday Post was completely unlimited in topic and was a great starting point.  However, for the month of March I want to take our Sunday's together with a different approach.

What motivates us to finally get started?  

It usually starts with just a hint of 

So for the Month of March and April, I want to inspire you, by showcasing not just my own, but others who have stepped out and tried something new, something crafty, something courageous for the Glory of God.  Maybe you painted some cabinets in your home or you got crafty in the organization department.  Maybe you have decided to tackle a full out renovation project and have hired someone to update your home.  Or maybe you stepped out in faith and did something that God was calling you to do, like introducing someone to Jesus, praying out loud for someone in need or starting a dream that God is calling you to in your life.

Regardless, big or small, I want to know.

Here is YOUR chance to be showcased on This Whole House through our NEW BLOG SERIES...

"Inspire Me" 


DIY and Design Projects:

Just send a short snip-it of...
1.  Your design project (before and after pics) --if you only have after that's fine.
2.  How you did it? Or if you hired someone, what inspiration did you use to gather ideas?
3.  How has the outcome helped you love your space?

God Inspired Stories and Testimonies:

You just tell me what happened in your own words. 
From Beginning to End and How God gained the Glory.


Please email me your stuff by clicking (here).
Starting March 2nd, I will begin showcasing your posts.

I am SOOOO excited to see the entries.  Until then, here are some other projects to INSPIRE you.  These DIY projects were completed by "beginners" who stepped out and decided to do something new.


Pure White and Clear Wax by Annie Sloan
These look fabulous Lindsey Holmes.  
Mother of the cutest twin baby girls might I add.

Old White and Clear Wax by Annie Sloan.  Knobs were done with Gilders Paste, color Patina.
These beautiful DIY pieces belong to my friend Ashley, who by the way is also an awesome Health Coach.    
Part of having a home that is WHOLE starts with the inside of your body. 
Contact her for a consultation through her website at Life Glimpsed.

So go ahead... Inspire Me
and then let's inspire one another.
Send your Design Projects and Inspirational Stories to me (here).

"She believed she could, so she did."

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  1. I love how readers of blogs can reach out and encourage those who are writing it!