Five on Friday

10:07:00 PM

As of Thursday morning I honestly didn't think this Friday post would happen... 

Since Wednesday morning, our house of 5 has been powerless due to an ice storm that came through all day on Wednesday.  The crazy thing is that the roads were never treacherous, nor was the ground even covered.  But the trees.  Oh the trees.  They just couldn't handle the weight of the ice and just like the snow storm (here), this ice shut this whole beach town down.  

Especially our house.

As of Thursday around lunch we decided that we could not possibly endure another night without power, so we checked ourselves into the hotel just one mile down the road.  Plus by this point, severe boredom had taken havoc and these two parents decided to celebrate Valentine's day a little early.    The craziest thing, is that by Thursday afternoon it seemed that we were the only ones still without power.  Even though I am sure that this wasn't true, it still seemed that our street was the only one lacking.  
Maybe they just missed the street of the quiet, little ranches.  Hmmm.

So as I sit on my wi-fi, sipping my coffee and watching the baby snooze in the warmth of the hotel room, I am truly grateful to write you this post.  And I have a true perspective of what my Great and Grandparents did.  Don't wanna go back to that... but man they were some tough mamma jammas.

So after that rant, here are my Five...

The ONE before the ONE:
 This link-up is raising awareness for a little boy named Teddy.  You can read Teddy's story here and join the cause. #TeamTeddy


We had a Valentine's party with all of my girl's besties and it was that night that God really brought some perspective to this whole Homeschooling Journey that I have been on this last year.  
You can read about that (here).


We lost power, played board games and ate pizza (take out).  This was when being in the blackout was still fun and all of the heat had not yet seeped out of our 1970 windows.  

Oh, and Wade Nagy got beat in the game of Trouble by his wife and his 5 year old, 
by which at that point he had decided to let his 4 year old beat him also.


This was dinner.  This HAD to make my top five because I was just so impressed.  
Gotta do whatcha gotta do to survive...  and my man needs his meat.

I hope one day that this very window can be turned into this...
That way when the chicken and the bacon are done... just hand that plate right over to me through the window.  Sounds perfect.  Plus summer... oh yes.  Good idea.

(chime the Angels singing and in the words of Wade Nagy... Glor-aaaaaaaaaaay!!!)

This was an early Valentine's present.  A night in a very nice, WARM hotel. 
And this is the sweet sleep my baby got just moments after check in.

They just weren't made for the cold.
Praying that tomorrow will bring sunshine and power to our house. 


And finally one that doesn't have to do with my family.  Even though they are the reason that I write.

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  1. Too crazy, so sorry this happened to you guys but so glad u were able to make the best of it with a beautiful, warm hotel room!!! Hope your power comes on soon!!

  2. Visiting from the link up. Cute valentine party pics! Such a nice idea.

  3. wait...i LOVE your kitchen table...a lot!!! Xx.

  4. WOW...look at all of those GIRLS! Love it! Your hubby did good for Valentine's day, too! So sweet. Enjoy it!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Adorable kiddos!! Party looked like a good ole time!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

    New follower. :)


  6. Stopping from the hop! Looks like a beautiful place to stay while you wait for your power to come on...hopefully it's very soon!! :)

  7. Gosh crazy about yall's stinkin power! Praying for power! :) xx

  8. So glad you found me through the linkup, because I'm now your newest follower! Your family is precious- I hope all is better at your house now! Boo for no power!!

  9. Loved reading this the other day so I had to come back and comment :) Did Wade build the dining table they are sitting at? I'm wondering because it looks JUST like the one I've designed for JT to build me for our new house! Doesn't surprise me. We like ALL the same stuff! So sorry you lost power and glad you're back home now! xo, cat

  10. Thank you so much for supporting #TeamTeddy! We are so grateful for all of the support from the blogging community! xoxo Alex

  11. Hey Tiffany! Love the pass thru window idea. My mom had talked about doing that in her old house which is now our house. I think I want to steal your picture inspiration for my kitchen window project. Hope you don't mind. Love your blog!