Nagy Snow Party, Redneck Style.

3:36:00 PM

As I sit here and write this post about the wintery wonderland that took place just two days ago, it is now almost 70 degrees outside.  As we went to lunch today I noticed there were salt chucks and an occasional "snow ball" left behind as we walked around in our summer shades and T-shirts.  

The glorious south.  Love it.

For this Sunday's Post, I wanted to share my favorite memories and pictures of our snow retreat.  It is always a retreat when daddy is home and homeschool goes from time at the table to time spent outdoors. 

EJ and Lela were ready for the snow and Wade Nagy was ready for the ski slopes.  
We tend to all get a little excited in a big way.

Then there was little sis who was perfectly content with staying inside, but wanted to watch her big sissies from the window.  This didn't last long with an 18 month old attention span.

Now I told you from my Five on Friday post, that I was going to show you how the Nagy's brought a little bit of redneck to a classy town.  Hence the Carhart overalls.  Oh yea...

And no snow day would be complete without sledding.  I didn't think we would be using this when we brought this baby from the mountains to the beach.  But I was wrong.  Thankfully.

 Wanna see who was pulling the rope?

Told ya.  A little bit of redneck.  

So of course I had to take my turn... Who would pass this up??

So while we were pulling each other around reindeer style... our gracious neighbor who was either eager to bless us or just really felt sorry for us, decided to let us borrow this...

 Now, we're talking.  This is when things got real fun and real fast. 
Our girls were definitely the coolest kids on the block.  At least for a moment.

And those are my feet.  I had to check it out for myself.

After some some intense sledding, some crashing and some ice burns to the face, it was time to come in.  Our fingers were froze and the little one had awoken from her nap... completely unaware of what had been going down outside.  

So the Nagy's settled down to a nice warm fire and a cold bowl of ice cream.  
Cause that's how we do.


And since this is a blog about design.  Here are some ideas of what I might do if we lived in a town where this kind of wintery mix was a common thang...

Some sort of boot rack for all the little feet than ran in and out covered with a snowy mess.

A drying rack for all the little pants, little socks and little undies that got totally soaked from all of the sledding.  

And while we are at it... if Wade Nagy could just turn our regular coat closet into this that would be great.  
But I would like it to be with these stripes...

But thankfully we live at the beach. :)

Oh and have a SUPER Sunday.  Enjoy the game.

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  1. That welly boot rack really is amazing isn't it!! xx

  2. Looks like fun!! Loving the palm tree and snow! :) be blessed, Chloe

  3. Those sledding picture are so great!!! That makes me want to go sledding too :) :)

    1. Lisa... It was awesome and so unexpected here at the beach. Now it is 90+ and these pictures make me excited about the upcoming new season! :)

  4. This is one of my favorite posts!!