Better than window shopping.

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There is only one thing better than window shopping that still manages to produce the same outcome... when I actually get to go to the store.  Even though I come out with nothing, I still get the gratification of shopping.  Only without the debt. (We have recently started the Dave Ramsey Plan again.)

I am not much of a shopper when it comes to clothes and I absolutely hate grocery shopping... but put me in a home goods store and I can go a little crazy.  I have learned the hard way about my shopping ventures, in which I didn't have a "plan".  I usually came home with a ton of pretty stuff, but then I would go to put it in my house and it wouldn't match or it just wasn't the "look" that I thought the item would bring.  
Just because it's a good deal, doesn't mean it belongs in your house.  

So just like the grocery store, I try to plan my shopping for my house with a list.  Sometimes I browse online before heading to the stores and sometimes I hit up the local craft store to try and recreate the decor.  No matter how I do it, I always try to have a vision and a plan.   I usually never buy the item the first time I see it.  I wait, then if I get home and decide it's a must have, then I give it a few days before I make the purchase.  Then I have more justification when Wade Nagy sees it taken out of the "budget." 

 Wade and I've never been very good at a budget, therefore we have never really had much to spend... get what I'm sayin.  But through the years of financial difficulties (here) that we have faced, I have learned that you don't have to have an under-designed home just because you don't have much to spend.  
You just need a little time, patience and Pinterest.  

Last night, Wade and I had a much needed date night.  
We are fortunate to live next to this...
Mayfaire Town Center... just a mile from our house. God knew. 

So after being at home all week, some good ole' browsing was just what I needed to loose myself in home decorating and forget all about the many diapers I have changed.  Ahhhh... refreshing.

So here are some highlights.  
(And if you know my hubs... then you know that he can turn any event into a highly entertaining show.) 

 First stop was Pier One.

In which Wade Nagy spotted this little guy wearing his glasses while I was looking for some curtains to cover this big honkin' window...

 And then this pretty thing caught my eye.  Not the cabinet... but the big red SALE sign.
  I don't even have a place to put it, but because it was on sale I was convinced that we needed it.  Of course every time I mention buying new furniture, my hubs reminds of the fact that he can build it.  
Sounds like a great thing... but not for the person who doesn't like to wait. :)

Who thinks they can name the caption of this pic??
That's right... He's got the whole world in His hands.
Such a goof.

And now to my favorite store.
Oh I love this place.

So I have been eyeing these for years.  I am wanting this or something similar for my pallet sofa table (here).  
I am crafty, but no potter.  Wondering if I could find a yard sale freebie and chalk paint it? 
Or I could just splurge and buy one or two.  What do you think Wade and Dave?

And here is THE chair.  The Manhattan Leather Recliner.  Oh there is no comparison to this fine lookin' thing.  Please don't zoom to see the price tag... you may just throw up.

And this I love.  Probably wouldn't buy, but it reminded me of how far "inspirational design" has come.  
A far cry from your mama's crocheted heart "Home is where the heart is" decor.  

And this was probably the most tempting splurge.  These babies were on the PB Clearance rack and I have never seen prices slashed more than $150 off of the original price.   

However I am looking for something more like this for our living room...

Until then... it's back to browsing these.  The only thing I brought home.  

The best things come for those that wait. 

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  1. One of my favorite things to do (without the munchkins in tow) is to window shop and to dream and get excited (not depressed that I can get it now, because I know someday I will!!!)

  2. Thank you for letting me know that I am not the only one dreaming! I might have had a "blog pity party" about not getting everything I pin on Friday. I know that it is better that I am wating and not burning our money but it is hard. So good for you!!!!

  3. Hiii! I am Elise at Cheers Yall's little sis...thanks for stopping by my blog :) Excited to start following along with you on GFC! Xx.