Five On Friday

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Happy Friday!
I would have to say this was the perfect week for me here in the south with a mix from spring like weather all the way to blizzards on the coast.  It was truly the best of both worlds.  

Up until this week our homeschool days have been a little challenging.  After Christmas break I was dealing with a whole new season of an 18 month old.  You can read about one of my most challenging days here.  The season in which she likes to pull everything down on her head and the best part... she thinks it's the funniest thing ever when I tell her "no, no."  Those words simply mean... "hurry up, mommy is coming." 

Climbing on the table and emptying all of the pencils on the floor is her newest, most favorite hobby.

And this is what happened when I took her "ball"...aka Apple, from her hands.

However, Monday and Tuesday were much more successful...

and then the rest of the week was interrupted with some fun snow days.

With my successful students working so diligently, I even had time to make these delicious things.  
Paleo Almond Cookie Dough Balls.  
Holy heavens they are scrumptious. 

You can find other fabulous recipes from my favorite food blog (here).  Be sure to read her stuff... she is an Insightful Health coach and if you are looking to improve your health journey, she's your gal.

I redid a curtain rod in less than 5 minutes.  From a plastic brown to a fab silver rod.  You can read about this redo (here) and be sure to enter the FREE Give-A-Way for your own DIY silver gilder's paste.  Only a few days left till the winner is selected.

You see that book on the left?  Well, that is an old school book, like for real old school, from my grandma, that was actually written from John Deer himself.  And you see that cutie on the right?  Well, she's the one that has been tearing out all of the pages from this book for weeks.  I finally went to move it from her reach and realized who the author was.  Leave it to the Nagy's to probably have the one valuable thing in our home destructed by the 18 month old.  oops.

 And last but not least, THIS WHOLE HOUSE got it's first winter snow ice.   
This was the first measurable amount in 3 years and it was the Nagy's first since we moved here a few years back.  You can read about what brought us to the coast here.
 This was the girls waiting all day for the big snow.  It wasn't until the next day that it arrived.  
They were so excited to say the least.
You can read more about how This Whole House celebrated this wintery mix on our Sunday Post.  
We hope you will join us Sunday to see how we brought a little bit of redneck to this classy town.

And thanks to Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha for hosting all of this fun!

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  1. Your origninal John Deere book + you in the John Deer hat = making my heart smile!!!

  2. Elise... that is soooo funny! I didn't even catch that one :) :) :)

  3. oh my goodness how does she climb up on the table! haha just kidding no need to answer that! Curtains look fabulous lady! Hope yall have a relaxing weekend!

  4. Those cookie dough balls look and sound amazing! And I'm loving the John Deere hat....makes this farm girl happy! =)

  5. Oh no! The book! Yikes. Hope you enjoyed that ice. :)

  6. her face when you took her "ball" away. oh, my goodness! And those cookies look so good!

  7. I will be trying those cookie dough balls. Looking forward to following along!

  8. I am ABSOLUTELY loving all of those pictures of your kiddos - so, so sweet! :) :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

  9. Your kids are adorable and I've got to try those cookie dough balls.

  10. Anonymous31.1.14

    Loved reading about the antics of YOUR 18-month-old (I have one, too!). The John Deer book story was adorably sad!!

  11. Loved the 5!!! Will def be making those yummy bites and the JDeere story was so funny. Your home is crazy beautiful!

  12. How is it that wee-ones always find the most expensive things!?! Modern mystery if you ask me!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Your girls are adorable and I am absolutely in love with that window they are staring out!!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Your girls are adorable and I am absolutely in love with that window they are staring out!!

  15. Anonymous11.2.14

    Wow I don't read much, never was..but I truly enjoyed your blog.