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Hi!  I'm Cat and this is my little family.

Tiffany and I met through our blogs years ago.  Our stories are very similar, as well as our passions and styles.  I'm so honored to be able to share part of my story here.  My hope is that it inspires someone.  Please know that I'm just the typer.....God wrote the story. ;)

In June 2011, a sweet girl named Becca from Charleston, SC contacted me about doing her blog design. To me, this was a normal inquiry email that i didn't think much of.  But, God had already ordained our friendship before He even formed us in the womb.  He knew that we'd share the same heart for orphans.  He knew we'd both have hearts for design.  He knew we'd both love the same things (and despise the same fonts).  Over Gmail Chat one night, we joked about one day owning a business together.   Fast forward a few years and you have two girls that live way too far from each other, talk on the phone more than we'd like to admit, and still despise Comic Sans. 

It literally blows me away to write this story out because I'm still stand in awe and amazed at how God totally did this.  He placed us in each other's lives at exactly the moment we needed each other.  My husband was unemployed and she was just getting married.  I wanted to quit doing blog designs, but wanted a creative outlet.  She didn't want to go to a j.o.b. every day and knew God was calling her to motherhood and being at home.  We kept "joking" about our crazy dream until one day God made it a reality. 

I don't remember exactly how it went down.  I guess we just joked about it for so long that it became a dream that we literally spoke into existence.  He knew it would happen...He just had to plant the vision in our hearts and allow it to unfold at just the right moment.  His perfect moment.  After many months of talking through our ideas, we finally had a clear vision from God and we began to design our little hearts out for a scripture print shop!  We prayed like crazy and lost a lot of sleep, but we accomplished something big and launched Sacred Made on March 27th, 2013.  

Our desire for Sacred Made is to create beautiful art inspired by the Holy Spirit.  We actually lay hands and pray over every print that leaves our shop.  Our prayer is that it starts spirit-led conversations about God's promises and offers support and encouragement to all.  We cling to the truth that God's Word is alive, so we believe that our job in the natural is to just spread His Word of good news.  We'll let Him do the SUPER natural. 

Through Sacred Made, we pray that the Lord will bless our vision to be able to bless two ministries that are close to our hearts:Program 21 - a supplemental feeding program in Uganda, Africa founded by Becca and The Ark house - a Chinese foster home that I partner with in ministry. 

I'm so honored to share this story and look forward to watching God write the story of our friendship and Scared Made! Please visit our shop below and if you're interested in donating or sponsoring a child, you can contact me for more information on how to do so!  

Many blessings, Cat


Thank you Cat for such an inspiring post and for sharing your heart in how God has inspired you to step out in faith and live out your passion.  Please check out these fabulous prints below from Sacred Made and be sure to check out their site to see all of their amazing prints.  Mother's Day is just around the corner. :)
 I am planning to order my own VERY soon!

Buy this one HERE.

Or this one HERE.


If you would like to be a part of this awesome Inspire Me Blog Series, just email me (here).
I would love to hear your story or see your latest DIY projects.  Let us come together and encourage one another.

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  1. Such a cool story! I love how God weaves things together in such a beautiful, intricate fashion.

  2. Love this post & this story!!

  3. I am honored that I got to share the story here. Thanks, friend! xoxo, cat