The Slower You.

5:17:00 PM

The last few days I haven't felt my best.  I mean I don't want to sound like an old fart, but that is what I have felt like.  Aches in my back, a headache that won't seem to go away and not to mention some serious fatigue.  I think I have been running so hard that this was one way my body was saying enough already.  So with all of the extra cups of coffee (decaf) and all of the "rest stops" my being a mom has taken a different appearance than normal.

My mornings usually consist of routine and structure, breakfast, getting dressed and beds made by 9am... all to begin homeschool (plus insert breakdowns, tantrums, and any other typical behavior from 3 kids under 6). Today, well not so much.  Today looked more like seeing which child would pick up the most food off of the floor first, staying in our pjs all day and momma staying on the couch seeing who could come give mommy the most hugs.  When food landed on the floor or the toy basket got dumped out, it stayed there.  And I literally started calendar time this morning while I was sitting in the kitchen with a bag of chips in my hand.  But despite the slight disorder and the lack of routine, what I realized that I wouldn't have realized just a few years ago was that none of this mattered.  

My kids didn't look at me like I was weak or lazy.  They wanted to help.  And to be honest I think they rather enjoy the slower me.  The Slower Me was more attentive to their magical plays with Elsa and Anna.  The Slower Me was quicker to react when they needed some loving and wanted a hug.  The Slower Me was more aware that the little one had a diaper that needed to be changed.  And the Slower Me was more engage in conversation with my littles while I was simultaneously glued to the couch.  

Sure, the floor was dirty and the kitchen was a mess.  The meals weren't the best and the beds didn't get made until almost lunch time. And I am pretty sure that if DSS had caught wind of our homeschooling tactics (or lack of) then my little school may have been shut down.  But despite all of it, I still think the Slower Me should come around more often, without the aches and pains of course.  

I am not sure when "busy" became such an idol or the thing to do.  I am not sure if us stay-at-home moms feel like we have something to prove and so we fill up our days with chores and to-dos so that we feel accomplished by the end of the day or not.  Or maybe it's the fact that we live in a society that if you say that you are doing "nothing" you are looked down on as lazy or incompetent.  Regardless, I know that amongst the "busy" days of being a mom, cause lets just face it, there will always be busy days, that there should be a few "slower" days amongst the midst.  Without them I think we will truly miss out on some of the smallest, most profound moments of life.  And those are the moments that I don't want to miss. 

So moms... do your thing and do it well.  Hold the baby on your hip while cooking dinner and rocking the tot whose crying on your leg while you stand over the boiling water of mac and cheese.  Juggle the car pool and the lunch boxes and sign up for the Easter party at school.  But do it with some grace.  Grace for yourself, grace with your kids and grace with everyone around you.  If you don't do homemade, then don't go on Pinterest and try to make the most adorable thing you see.  Buy the boxed cookies.  It's okay.  Whatever your To-Do's, do it because you want to do it and because it brings life... then the things you don't want to do, you may find aren't so bad.  

And don't forget to invite the Slower You to the party.   It will be more enjoyable if you allow the Slower You to have a few of your days and everyone else will enjoy it too. 

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  1. This is so true! We just got back from a week at Disney where we had one "off" day where we stayed in our PJs and swam in the pool after naps. On the way home, I listed all the cool things we did (i.e. met Buzz/Woody, rode roller coasters, fed dolphins and etc) and asked Will what was his favorite thing? He quickly responded that PJ day was his favorite. Really kid?! Just another reminder SLOWER days mean something to everyone and we can all benefit from having them! :)

  2. PJ days are a mom's saving grace. It returns my sanity (and my kids'). there are plenty of days on the calendar that we can fill fill fill, but nothing beats a movie day or a tent building day!!!

  3. I totally agree Megan and Laura!! And Megan... this is crazy but really puts a nice perspective on a child's mind! :)