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As we know, if there is one thing we cannot control it is TIME.  No matter what we do, it will always pass us by and especially if you are a mom, then you know this to be true even more.  Being a parent can make some days seem like an eternity, but in the glimpse of the year, our little ones seem to grow right before our very eyes and we end up looking back asking where did all the time go.

That is why this reader inspired me so much with her eagerness to truly capture the moments.  As her little girl rapidly changed each day, her camera, computer and other devices quickly filled up with memories that could not be enjoyed because of the lack of organization.

I am so guilty of this and this is one reason why her story inspired me.  I know it will jump start you as well.


Meet Sara.
She is a busy working mom of a cute little tot who keeps her busy, just like the most of us.  Her computer as well as, her and her husband's iPhone were slammed pack with pictures of their sweet Kate.  Not to mention all of the photos stored away on the two different cameras that never even made it to the laptop.  It was memory lane chaos.  And Sara knew that something had to change.

"My inspiration came from this post.....
I don't scrapbook, but I liked the way she organized everything."

Initially, Sara explained that this was an overwhelming task of desktop madness...

"As I was looking at all the hundreds of photos, it was just so overwhelming to know where to start."

"Kate's photos were everywhere, grouped together with weddings, special events, everyday photos, etc.  I started looking online and came across the blog post. Such a simple idea, but I just needed that extra push to start. Each night after she went to bed, I would pick one (desktop, SD cards, my phone, his phone, etc.) and only work on that one card or camera until I completed it.  It took me about a week."

Once completed, Sara was able to breath knowing that every snapshot was categorized by date and event.  And now her desktop and her mind was clean and at rest!

"We have both loved it! We spent 30 minutes the other night browsing through her photos and videos. It was nice because they were by month and we could see how much she had changed. I shed some tears of course, haha. We came across videos that we had forgotten about. I think our iPhones are addicting and distracting at times, but what wonderful tools they are to capture those everyday moments. It has gotten a lot easier to download our photos now since we are doing it monthly instead of letting them pile up."


Some Photo tips taken from the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons...

1.  Set up monthly reminder in your phone (this way you can remember to get your pics from all your electronics to one central location.  The computer.)

2.  Set up monthly folders, unless you have iPhoto and that does it for you.

3.  Develop your pictures by sending them to an online site for pickup when ready.

4.  Do these 3 steps once and month and showcase your photos however (Scrapbook, Album, etc.)


I actually prefer a photo box.  After 2 kids, I realized I hate scrapbooking and only did it out of obligation.  However, I have a photo box for my kids and a journal.  I simply put the photos in a box and write in their personal journal about milestones or even letters to them about how much God loves them.  It is really cool to go back and read these.  

However you choose to do it, I hope this jump starts you in knowing that whatever the task, no matter how overwhelming, if it is baring importance in your mind and you are constantly reminding yourself to "Do It" then it may be the Lord calling you to do something.  It may be something as compassionate as preserving memories for your child or it may be as huge as stepping out in faith and leaving what you know as "normal" behind.  
Whatever it is... Just start.   

Let's continue to Inspire each other.  
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