21 Day Fast

2:59:00 PM

I have had some questions about why I chose 21 days to fast from the social network, Facebook and what was the relevance to 21 days...  I honestly chose the number because that is was the number Life Community Church in Wilmington had suggested and I knew that other churches also participated in a 21 day fast this time of year. 

So not much thought was put into why I chose 21 days to fast until these questions/comments arose from my readers.  So I decided to look it up...

It is based on Daniel 10: 2-3.  I had heard of the Daniel Fast, but was only familiar with the types of food it entailed and not the time frame or time of year it was often practiced.  Here is a BLOG that has some really great ideas and more information about the Daniel Fast if this is something you are interested in doing for you and your family.

I will say, 2 days without Facebook has taught me so much already... Can't wait to blog about it!!!

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  1. I can't WAIT to hear about it!

  2. I too have fasted from FB and such. It does wonders for your soul!