WE DID IT... Potty Training.

2:10:00 PM

After relentless hours of patience and trying everything to get the idea across to a two year old toddler... Emma Jane finally peed in the potty!!!

So for those that our in the "potty training" phase of parenting you may want some expert advise, tips or even some inspirational stories of how to become a successful potty trainer...  well you have come to the right blog, because I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! 

That's right... no idea.  I have tried every tactic in the book, sat in the bathroom floor, overindulged her with endless amount of water, rewarded her with candy and stickers, bought her favorite Dora panties and even tried straight up discipline...  but it wasn't until she got lucky that it happened. 

She was sitting on the potty playing her computer game when... "UH OH, Daddy!" happened.  Yes, I said daddy.  Because that is the way it works... Mommy spends all the time preparing and daddy is the one that gets to experience the outcome... ha!  I ran into the bathroom during all of the commotion, but she had finished.  A little scared of what had just happened, I immediately praised her, clapped my hands and almost peed myself from all of the excitement!  Even though I missed the main event, at least I got to experience the after party and the excitement of getting her M&M's and Reese Cup!   Regardless... the joy of having her finally peepee in the potty for the first time was priceless. 

Now, let's just hope that we can do this everyday!

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