New Year's Update...

2:51:00 PM

This New Year is off to a great start so far for the Nagy Family.  If you read our New Year's Resolutions, then you are familiar with some of the things that have been going on in our life the past two weeks.  I wanted to write an update to encourage you in your New Year, New YOU Resolutions and remind you that if you've "dropped the ball" on doing what you've set out to do, then it is not too late... Just DO IT!

#1- Get Healthy.  I am proud to say that I have ran/walked everyday, except for 2 resting days.  I feel better, I have more energy and my confidence has already improved.  Although, my running is no where near where I want it it to be, which you can read about in my past blog, I am improving everyday.

#3- JOB.  Wade had an interview with the Durham City Fire Department last week.  He said that it went well and that he is hopeful about the position.  He also received a letter from Samaritan's Purse saying that he was a Potential Candidate for a Construction position that he applied for a few months back.  The position he applied for was the Construction Manger who would oversee the renovation and construction of the African Bible College in Liberia, Africa.  Yes.. you read correctly.  Wade and I ask for you to pray for us on this matter and agree that God's Perfect Will, will be done. We are open to the possibility of both jobs and know that wherever the Lord puts us, it is to serve and help others in need.

As for the rest of my resolutions...

Wade and I went to church this past Sunday in Wilmington and I brought home some valuable lessons that I believe the Lord was trying to teach me.  The preacher said that the Enemy will sometimes use "business" in our lives to distract us from what really matters.  Like the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10: 38-42)...  Martha thought she was doing what Jesus would have her do by all of the preparations she was making for Him, but really what she needed to do was spend time with Him.

How many times have we thought to be doing the right thing, when really we need to "be STILL and know that he is God?"

The preacher spoke about creating "margins" in our life, so that we can live a more stress free life.  Creating time so that we can do the things that really matter in life.

Therefore... In order to focus on my resolutions that I am lacking in, such as digging deeper in His Word and reading more, I am going to create some bigger margins in my life.  I am going to FAST for 21 days from something I love to do, something that adds some fun to my day, but also something that takes up too much time and without it would allow me to have more "Margin"...

I am going to fast from Facebook for 21 days. 

With that being said, I will touch base with you in a few weeks and hopefully I will be able to tell you what I have been able to accomplish or even learn by doing so.  Please pray that God will speak to me during these "open margins" and continue to show us His Will for our family.

What are some of the things you can delete from your life to create some margins? I challenge you to ask God and see what he has for you...

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  1. Such a great idea! This is something I also need to do, but just haven't had the motivation or will power to do so. As much as I love using Facebook, it sucks SO much time from my day- time that I need to be investing in my children and my relationship with Christ. I'm going to pray about doing this as well. Quick question- what made you select 21 days- is their significance in that number?