Vintage Kitchen Set

6:57:00 PM

Welcome to the Nagy Playroom...

For those of you that know me or have been to our home... you know that we are a little cramped.
(well, not a little, but a lot)
So when considering a new toy or a piece of furniture to fit in our tiny Bungalow, I ask myself...
can I look at this everyday??
So after much planning and consideration (I plan everything)... I absolutely love the girls new Vintage Kitchen Set

We searched for plans for a long time and I knew I wanted something with some vintage flair, but something that would last us through all of our girls (and hopefully one day a BOY!), so when I found this kitchen set on one of my favorite blogs and matched it with some Pottery Barn Play Kitchen colors... I knew I had the perfect plan!

Thanks to Wade Nagy... I was able to create what I think is the perfect play kitchen for years to come. Thanks Wade... we love it!

We painted the inside of the cabinet, under the sink, bright red to match the stove knobs and table chairs.

Thanks for the inspiration Cat, Constant in Chaos 

Love the farmhouse style sink!

got the faucet from Lowes Hardware...

It had to match the table's primary colors...but also had to have her fav color... PINK!
Valspar Paint... "First Kiss" and "Berry Red"

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  1. I love it! Precious! Love the hot pink!!! And, the fabric and ribbons. So cute and creative! So glad we inspired you. I can't wait to show JT! :)