Truth Cards

9:59:00 AM

From infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. ~ 2 Timothy 3:15

My NEW favorite thing... Truth Cards!  As a stay at home mom, I try my best to use a portion of the day playing, teaching and equipping my girls for the upcoming years of school.  One of the most common ways to teach young children is the use of flash cards...  Which is why I absolutely love this concept!  Why not teach the "TRUTH" while also teaching words, sounds, comprehension and symbolism. 

I stumbled upon this treasure when my good friend, Ashley Moore, gave these to us for a Christmas gift.  My girls absolutely love them and so does mommy.  From the words of the creator, Jenna Surratt

...they have been a huge blessing for our family and our prayer is that they are received by people who will use them to glorify God. Our hope is to get the Word of the Lord into as many little hearts as possible and raise up a generation of God fearing, Kingdom shakers.

I hope you will consider these for your family or someone you know... it is TRULY the gift that keeps giving!

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