Teachable Moments and Peaceful Drives.

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You are probably going to think that this is a post about my kids...nope!  It's about me.  Last week, which you can read about here, wasn't the best week.  It's not that anything REALLY bad happened...just one of those weeks.  This week much better...

This morning, if you read my facebook status, you know that my husband was making up his own "moves" to P90X.  I laughed hysterically at this. Here are some of my teachable moments from today...

1.  Today, I was up at 5am, had a cup (more than once) of coffee, read my Bible and was about to start getting ready for work, when I heard the agitation in the huffing and puffing coming from Mr. Wade Nagy.  When I asked what was wrong, he simply stated, "I cannot find my DVD for the day, it's missing."  After only 2-3 minutes of searching (which I am sure felt like forever to him) he was up and doing a workout... well sort of.  Instead of throwing a major fit of how he could never find anything in this house, stampeding off and completely opting out of doing P90X altogether, like most people would have done (me!), he decided to look at the Record Sheet and make up what he thought would be the exercises on the video.  WOW... imprevising.  Making the most out of his situation.  Not letting his problem deter him away from his goal.  You get the point.

2.  My favorite thing about my new job (one of them) is my drive...  I leave around 7am.  The sun is rising above the mountains that seem to peak as soon as you cross the Catawba County line...  Seeing those blue ridge mountains and listening to K-Love.  No other noise.  Just a chance to clear my head.  You can learn a lot by just sitting and listening... and driving of course!

3.  My Bible this morn...  Since Jan. 1st I have been following the Reading Plan that is in my Bible, in efforts to try and read the whole Bible.  I didn't set a timeline like most people do, nor did I choose to publicly share this, because too often I have set this goal and failed.  So... this morning it was laid on my heart to share with you.  Share with you my goal of reading the Bible from cover to cover and share Scriptures that I read and give you my thoughts.  I am not sure if this will turn into a weekly thing or not, but I do want your opinions...


So far, I have read Genesis 1-42.  Today, I read, Gen. 40-42 and it really spoke to me.  I have heard and read these stories before, but I guess at different times in our lives we need to hear different things.  At this point in our life when we spend most days waiting... waiting for a job, waiting for our house to sell, waiting for our kids health to improve, etc. just WAITING for God to move us, I found that these verses were for me.

Joseph assisted the Cupbearer in a time of need with the promise that he would in turn remember him when he spoke to Pharaoh.  The Cupbearer promised.  He promised he would remember, but as soon as things got better, as soon as he was returned to his position as Cupbearer, he had forgotten his promise.  Joesph had to WAIT.  He may have been forgotten by man, but God never left him.  He continued to bless him in prison.  Perhaps Joseph needed some time to grow, some time to become closer to God?  Whatever the reason, soon Joseph was remembered.  Because of his faithfulness to God, his willingness to help others and his ability to WAIT, he soon went from a place of want to a place of abundance.  He was blessed beyond measure. 

As Wade and I tackle this time in our lives, it is important for me to LEARN while I am waiting.  I need to remember what God has shown me through all of this, so that when things turn to "better" that I don't forget all of these monumental moments.  Sometimes when things get "good" we forget about the ones that are hurting... the ones that we should show compassion and love towards!  Although I want to get out of this "place" of want and need, to a place of abundance, I don't ever want to forget how it feels to truly NEED God!  So many times we call upon Him in need, but never when things are going good.  Let's praise Him while we are being blessed and while we are WAITING to be blessed.  We will always need Him...

Later today...

Making Valentine's with EJ... her school dance is tomorrow and she is so excited to "bust a move" ...She has even mentioned that she is VERY excited about dancing with Andrew... her daddy is not too thrilled with this, but I think it is just precious :)  I will be sure to post pics!

We made daddy a book mark for his Bible... we left it there for him to find tomorrow morning. 


Please pray for Wade and I this weekend as we venture into a unknown territory in our marriage...
We will be attending the Thrive Marriage Conference at LCC in Wilmington.  I am super excited!

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  2. It makes me sad to see "the other one" Carsyns name on Emmas valentine. This one Carson misses her EJ.