Winter Valentine's Vacay.

4:32:00 PM

So I have some catching up... I promise that our life hasn't just been about Wade's new job for the last few weeks-- ha!


Emma Jane's Valentine Dance...  EJ loved gettin her groove on and paid special attention to a certain someone, who name I won't disclose.  But I will say, her daddy was a little unsure about the new "interest" and already thinking about the many stressing moments that come along with having two daughters...

yummy, delicious cupcakes... to bad they weren't gluten free for Lela

If you know my child, then you know that she was more excited about the food than the party!

Full belly, means ready to "shake a leg!"

and this is what Lela thought about the party....

Then there was the Valentine's Weekend Beach trip...
Where we attended the Thrive Marriage Conference and Wade got a JOB... quite the eventful weekend!

On our way to the beach and a pit-stop at our fav fast food...
EJ was thanking Jesus for "chic chic fries"

Her favorite thing to do at the beach-- ride dada's back!

a little chilly for miss lela...

writing in the sand.

just before we ran 3 miles....  wade barely broke a sweat!

fun, fun!

Great trip... full of life's surprises!

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  1. I loved reading this and seeing your pictures! Love putting a face with words...ya know? we sort-of favor each other! Same hair/length....face shape maybe??? Perhaps you're like Ummm, NO we don't! ha ha! ;)