Curve Balls!!!

12:52:00 PM

What a weekend!!  I have so many things to post about from all that has happened this weekend, but instead of bogging you down with paragraph after paragraph, I am going to hit the BIGGEST, MOST EXCITING highlight of the weekend!  (I will be sure to blog about Thrive Marriage Conference and EJ's precious Valentine Dance later!) 
So... I am sitting at my father-in-laws computer RIGHT now.  Mind going crazy, because of what is taking place right now as we speak.  But before we can go there, let me take you back to last August.  I know, right, that's a long time ago.  But it was then that we were visiting Wade's parents, when God spoke to us.  To make it short, God spoke to us that we were moving to the beach, a life long desire that we have both shared throughout our entire relationship. This desire that was spoken to us, ended with jobs falling through and so on, so that still small voice was soon faded into the current circumstances, which soon turned into just settling for the next best job that would come our way...

6 months later, this weekend.  Wade and I came to a marriage conference that Wades parents graciously paid for at LCC here in Wilmington.  It was there that this desire to live at the beach surfaced so profoundly that it was the MAIN topic of every conversation for here on out.  As we were sitting in a restaurant, a waiter came to talk to us.  This quick conversation led us to emails being sent, phone calls being made and to Wade's 1st interview with Bill Clark Homes.  It was there that the manager, spoke about family, construction and the Lord.  yes... the LORD.  The interview was left with the proposal to follow up with the "lead man" the following day (today), which soon fell through because his wife came down with the flu. 

Today, on our way home, packed and ready to go, discussing all the miraculous events that took place this weekend, about 30 minutes out... the phone rang!  The interview was back on, so we made a BIG FAT U-turn and headed back to Wilmington... so RIGHT NOW he is on his way back to his 2nd interview.  Which leads me back to the conversation that Wade and I had before he left...  Wade told me that the only home run he ever hit in baseball was that of a curve ball...  which got us thinking.  Life is going to throw us curve balls... but God can still make them successful.  All you have to do is swing!

Now, back to praying...

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