Eating Clean and Skinny Jeans.

4:29:00 PM

Today... made the 1st day that I finally noticed that all of this hard work that I have been doing with exercising and eating right is finally starting to pay off.  Woke up, had a cup of coffee, enjoyed some quite time with God, took a shower, and then it happened...

I put on the jeans.  You know the ones.  The ones that sit on the very bottom of the rack in hopes that one day you will be able to squeeze yourself back into them (aka. skinny jeans).  Ok... so truth be said they weren't my skinny jeans, but they were the jeans that I when I put them on fresh out of the dryer that I would have to do a few squats to make them look more appealing...  I will work on the skinny jeans later. 

So...  New Year's Resolution #1... no more doing knee bends in order to get my jeans to fit... check!

Finally, my goals, my long awaited effort to make a change... a change that will stick, has become a reality.  Why now?  Why after so many attempts to making myself healthy is it just now sinking in?

Because...  We are made for more.  The words that have stuck in my mind over and over again...  We have a Physical and Spiritual RESPONSIBILITY to take care of the body that God has so graciously given to us.  We belong to Him... it's time to take care of the all to common, most often neglected blessing that we all have... our body!

So have you made this commitment time after time all to see yourself "give in" to the pressures of food and "too busy to workout" mood?  Or maybe you have never started?  Either way... TODAY is your day.  Go for a walk, eat an apple and most importantly truly identify the beautiful body, soul and creation that God  has given you!

For you self-improver's that need a good read to help you get started...


I have registered for 2 upcoming 5K races.  I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  My friend, Tori, who has been my key motivator through it all has been so awesome!  My hubby too... for he has ran with me and watched the girls without a single complaint.  As for the food... well that has been a challenge.  I hate fruit.  I absolutely hate it.  I can do the veggie/ salad thing, but fruit... yuck.  Every morning my husband has made me breakfast.  Sounds perfect doesn't it?  Wrong... it consist of a cup of yogurt and a banana.  The first few days I acted like a child, turning up my nose and trying to convince my hubby why I shouldn't, couldn't and wouldn't eat the fruit.  But after a few days of being forced... I woke up this morning and actually enjoyed my banana.  So this is going to be work...but this time I will not give in.  This time I am doing it with a whole new motivation in mind.

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