Super Sunday and Africa?

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It's Super Bowl Sunday and I am soooo glad today is here.  Not only is it the excused day of the year to be at home and eat good ole tailgating food, but for me... it is a start to a new week!  Last week... well it was long to say the least.

Our girls have been sick and if you have children, you know what kind of stress this can add to your week.  We are thankful for medicine and that they are slowly recovering, but we are considering other means to help them stay being their diet.  I am a firm believer that God has given us a body that was made to fight sickness and even though I know He gives us medicine as well, I believe that He wants us to take note of everything we do to our bodies...including food!  So with that said, we are checking into what we can do for a more natural approach to healing (after today of course)... comments/ advice welcome!

I am on week 3 of my new job, which I love and I am so thankful that God has opened this door of opportunity to provide us with more income.  However, leaving my babies at home was more difficult than I expected.  I am only leaving them for about 4 hours a day/ 3 days a week, but it's tough!  I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually miss waking them up, changing their diapers, feeding them breakfast and managing to take just a few sips of my coffee , while having my house destroyed all before the clock turns 9am... 

So this week, I would like to give kudos to the working moms out there...  Your job is hard and you sacrifice so much for your family.  Let's just face it... whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom... you WORK hard and your role as a mother is so vital.  You are raising the future and hopefully you are instilling Christian values.  As a former teacher, I have too often heard the stories that make you cringe coming from the experiences that some children have to face.  This week, a story of a boy that sleeps on a couch.  Not because he wants too, but because he has no bed, no bedroom and no room for his brothers and sisters.  I have heard stories similar and even far worse, but after being in my "own world" for a while, I was once again reminded of what other children face on the daily basis.  What was brought to my attention the most was that fact that he didn't mind.  He was just grateful that he had the couch, while his siblings had the floor.  So for this reason, I am okay with leaving my children's diapers for the next few weeks.  Even if the only influence I can have on these kids is to say that "I care" with a smile, then I feel like I have done my job.  SO thank you to all that serve children everyday.  You are God sent!

Then there is our job search...

If you have been keeping up with our job status, then you know about the Samaritan's Purse Construction job in Liberia, Africa. This week we found out that even though he was a strong, potential candidate for the position, he was not the one chosen.  Wade and I have been praying that God would appoint Wade to ONE this is an answered prayer, but I have to say it was a little disheartening.  I loved the idea of truly making a difference and God using our family in such a dramatic way... but I have to remind myself that because he knows best, that this must mean we are not ready.  I know that we can make a difference here and that His plan is I am trusting for the right job to open up.  Please join me in prayer this week, that something is revealed to us.  Whether it is the Fire Department, Home Builder or even a new opportunity that he has yet to interview for. 

I am grateful that God has given us a desire for missionary work... and I hope that one day we will be able to travel to another country and tell others about Christ.  I know that this will not be the end of our desire to go to Africa...

Yesterday, if you had asked me what kind of week I have had, I would have probably responded with "terrible."  But as I sit here and write down my thoughts and things that happened this week... it's not so bad at all.  I can look at each of these moments and see God at work in all of them.  He renews us through our "falls" and He makes all things NEW!  If we just take the time to reflect on our situation or problem, we can always find GOD.  He is always there.  To hold our hand through the valley and lift us up to the mountain.  The mountain where all things are new and made FRESH...  So here is to a SUPER Sunday, where all things are new, all things are fresh and new opportunities are just over the horizon. 

Enjoy the Super Bowl... go Packers!

When things get tough... COUNT your blessings.  These pics are just two of my many blessings!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.
~2 Corinthians 5:17

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”
~ Revelation 21:5

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  1. Sherry6.2.11

    I'm glad the girls are feeling better. I'm sorry that Wade didn't get the offer in Africa. I am sure God has great plans for your family. One good thing to me about this I still get to see your amazing daughter twice a week.