Bling, Bling! Our FIRST Give-A-Way.

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Wanna add some bling to an old picture frame?  Need to turn an old brass knob or chandelier into a sparkling silver masterpiece?  How about a flower pot that desperately needs some love?  If you answered YES, to any of these, then you are going to love this EASY-TO-DO Silver Gilder's Paste.

How to use it...
Decide what you would like to add some bling to.  Put paste on your pointer finger and gently apply by spreading out the paste onto the object.  You may want to start on the back or a less seen area first until you see how easy this is for yourself.  The paste dries quickly and I am sure that you are going to LOVE it!

Here are some Before and Afters...

These frames were a gift from my grandmother for Christmas.  I have no idea who that baby and dog belong to.  I am pretty sure that my creative mammaw cut out some magazine peeps to add some character to the frames.  Either that or she found these babies at a yard sale and gifted them over to me.  I am not sure which one of those I would be more impressed with, but I guess I get it honest, right?  
However, that baby in the black frame with the flowers on her head... 
that precious thang is my first born at 3 months old.  
I'm sure you recognized her as a Nagy. :)

And here are the Afters...
I chose to leave some of the original color to give it a dynamic look, but you could definitely spread the paste more evenly and give your piece a more solid, metallic look.

These made the perfect decor for our daughter's new play closet, which we will reveal very soon.  I love prints with motivating sayings, especially since my five year old always asks what they say.  It gives me the perfect chance to speak life into their little hearts.  

For these prints, I simply typed in a Word document what I wanted to say, centered it and printed them off on scrapbook paper.  Super easy and was a quick way to add something special to their new play area.

Here is one more...

You can find this awesome paste HERE. Or if you are local, you can purchase this and the chalk paint I mentioned in my "How to Paint Furniture" post from my favorite store, Budget Redesign.  
You can choose from the array of colors and get busy creating.   
OR YOU CAN WIN you own FREE paste by entering the contest below.
 Beware... it's a whole lot of fun and quiet addicting.  


So do you want to WIN A FREE GILDERS PASTE?
Enter to win... please share this blog with your friends. xoxo.

oh. and this is my first give-a-way.  so if i mess something up, sorry in advance.  
#graceplease :)

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  1. So beautiful!!!! Where did you get the paste? It's awesome! Loved the story about your grandma so, so much. Mine used to do sweet things like that too. The blog inspires me everyday. To try to make things more beautiful around the house...and even more-to keep striving to be a better momma.

  2. Jen thank you for the encouragement! I got my paste from Budget Redesign, which I posted the link above or there is another website that I also posted. OR you could be our winner, so be sure to register! And YAY to loving your home... everyone should love the space that they live... it is your sanctuary of where you meet the Lord, spend time with your family and cherish those memories.

  3. It always amazes me how sometimes the simplest stuff can make such a big impact. Great idea. Visiting from That Friday Blog Hop. Now following via Pinterest.
    Barbara @

  4. Tiffany, I love your blog and your creative spirit. Thanks for taking time to share your life with the rest of us. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you next. Love and hugs!!