The Renovated Play Closet

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I have been really excited about this post.  I mean really excited.  But not nearly as excited as I was when Wade Nagy finished the Play Closet for our 3 little beauties.

A few months ago, we decided that our once guest room was literally a waste of space.  It was awesome to have when my parents came to visit, but for all the other days the room just sat and sat, while all of the other bedrooms piled up with toys and clutter.  So we put the guest bed on Craigslist and out the door it went the very next day.  If you don't use Craigslist... you should.  It's been my best friend for years.  There is no better way to trade in what you don't want for some extra cash for the things you do.  And don't be afraid to mark the price up a little... (not a rip off, but of fair value), because you can always reduce the price later.  One man's junk is another man's treasure.

When we started the playroom redo, I knew I could either pile up the toys in the closet and watch all of the kids dump out all of the organized totes and run myself mad, or I could actually utilize the space as a sufficient play area that would require little clean up.  So instead of using the closet for storage, we decided to make a Play Closet.  One that would resemble a small kitchen/ playhouse.

The first step was to move the play kitchen in the closet for a trial run.  I have learned that not all good ideas are great ideas and sometimes kids just don't like what we think they do.  Wade Nagy and I have spent several Christmas mornings learning this painful truth.  So before we started renovating, we gave it a few weeks to see how they would use the space.

I strongly suggest you do this with any space you plan to redo... test it out, see how it's best used and then go through with the renovations.  Become a "planner" when it comes to designing your home.  Otherwise, you will waste your time and your budget.

The girls loved it.  
So the construction began.  

First, came the paint on the walls and then the shelves.  Now, my hubs is in construction, so all of the wood was left over at a job site and the paint left over from the garage redo.  So this closet was virtually free.  However, the cost for this DIY project would be under $50.

After, all the paint was dry it was time for the accessories.  Even though my shopping self wanted to argue, I decided to use things that I already had around the house.  Wade Nagy and I have never really had much extra in the "budget" so I've learned to utilize the things I already have first, then if you need to make a purchase it's at least well thought out and planned.

Before and After....

And if you have girls... you KNOW it's all about the details.  
And pink of course.

You can check out how I redid these frames (here).   

 You can read about how Wade Nagy built this awesome kitchen set (here).

The wall still needed some love and although I REALLY wanted to buy a huge canvas from Hobby Lobby, I decided I would try this instead...

Just cut out a triangle of the size you want out of card stock paper.  Use that as a template to cut your fabric and sew onto a ribbon.  I am not an expert sewer by any means... but this project is super easy! 

This little project has even made Wade and I want to play more "house" with the girls.  
Which I think is what they are most excited about. :)

And yes.  
Wade Nagy drinks lots of tea and eats lots of peas and cupcakes.

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  2. Sorry auto correct messed my comment up ;D Anyway I love this!!! So many things I would do to this rental if I could. Can't wait for my own home. So many ideas waiting to be executed!! :D Looks great girl!!

  3. Not gonna lie...I'm a little jealous. It's so great!!!

  4. Oh my! I want to come play!!!

  5. Oh my! I want to come play!!!

  6. Oh my! I want to come play!!!

  7. Oh my! I want to come play!!!

  8. Thanks for being a new follower... LOVE LOVE LOVE the playroom. Very cute :)

  9. That looks so nice! I love how organized and colorful it is!