Five on Friday

8:45:00 AM

Happy Friday!!  I am definitely not one to wish my life away by any means... but this day could not have gotten here any faster.  Sometime life as a stay at home mom can seem very slow, but yet unbelievably busy at the same time.  Chasing toddlers, homeschooling the Kinder and pursuing the middle child's heart when she needs the extra attention can be daunting.  But yet it's the most rewarding job ever.  And sometimes that reward is FRIDAY.

Yay for 2 days of Wade Nagy being home.

So here are my five things from this week...

ONE:  This Whole House is having their very FIRST Give-A-Way!!  Make sure you register (here) to win the awesome DIY project that will be sure to add some sparkle to your home and happiness to your wallet.

TWO:  On Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day at the park enjoying the awesome, Coastal, NC weather.  We made sure to take in this view for a moment, pause and DREAM in honor of the day.  The kiddos ran hard and mama was happy to be outside.

THREE:  Found a dairy-free, gluten-free and now SOY-free butter alternative.  And even better, you can find this yummy spread at Walmart.  However, I bought this one at Whole Foods to avoid taking the kids to another store.  Convenience overruled.

FOUR:  After I published this post on social media, my husband called me and said I forgot #4.  Oops.  That's REAL life for ya.  So in honor of the one who is always looking after me and supporting all of my many, countless dreams... here is Wade Nagy.  My true Love.

FIVE:  And last but not least, we got to visit the miracle babies.  These babes were given to our special friends after years of praying for children and years of enduring faith.  God literally stirred these little things in her womb without genetics or medicine.  Just a straight miracle from His mighty hand.  My girls loved the "girl twinies."

And that wraps it up.  See you next Friday.  
And thanks to Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha for hosting all of this fun!

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  1. is that three girls i see? i have two sisters and i just know my farmer and i will have only girls. we already have one…and are considering round two here soon. the twins gave me chills. that's absolutely amazing. thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Yes!! all three girls... trying to convince my hubs that the 4th will be a boy, but he's not buying!! :) And Go For It... girls are so much fun! Thanks for reading!!

  3. Love your opening paragraph- I hope you get some Mommy-time this weekend! haha Have a good one!

  4. YAYYYYYY for your first giveaway, the big 50 followers goal reached, and for the new women and families you are reaching for the glory of God!!!! LOVEEEE this so much, friend. Proud of YOU!!! Get it, guuurrrlll!! WOOPWOOP! :) xx

  5. You sure do stay busy! WOW! And yay for your first giveaway!!!! So fun!

  6. What a great giveaway?! I am all about some DIY & that product looks fantastic!! So excited to "meet" you & follow along!
    Happy Weekend!!

  7. You better believe I was all over that giveaway! Got my entry in! Thank you so much for stopping by The Birdie Bowl today, Tiffany! So happy to have found your blog! TGIF! I hope you get some nice rest and relaxation this weekend! xo

  8. Love your blog- and 5 on Friday too!!! Those babies with your girls were PRECIOUS! And a good hubby...can't say enough about that! Loved all 5!

  9. Such a sweet, God-loving family you have!! Just entered your giveaway!

    Happy weekend, Tiffany! :)

  10. Okay,,,so...I love your blog!! Three girls--me too!!! You live by the beach? I'm jealous. I look forward to following along. Great to "meet" you.