How To Paint Furniture.

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Happy Sunday Ya'll!
So I went to my favorite place to be on Sunday morning and three, THREE, people gave me compliments about my blog..  Now I know there are like a billion people in the world and in comparison 3 is not a lot, but to me it was just the amount of extra wind I needed in my sails.

So needless to say... I was excited to sit down and write this post.


For this week's, The Sunday Post, I wanted to answer some of the questions that I have received via Facebook and email about how I paint furniture.  Wade Nagy would tell you that I have a champagne taste on a beer budget... always have, especially when it comes to home decor'.  However, loving your home doesn't have to break the bank.  Especially if you use what you have and transform the things that you hate.  

That's what painting furniture can do.  Instead of buying that piece of furniture from the store, try painting what you already have and bring a new crisp, edge to your space.  Better yet, search Craigslist and find the piece that you like and turn it into a piece that you LOVE by just adding some color freshness.

So here are some specifics...

 I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Clear Wax (here).  
Now, I know there are several competitors out there and feel free to try them, however I am in love with this paint and I have chosen to stick with what I know brings lasting results.  

The most beautiful thing about Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint is that it requires NO SANDING and NO PRIMING.  Who has time for all of that?!  All you have to do is PAINT.  This paint covers almost anything... even fake wood or particle board, chandeliers, and outdoor furniture.  The paint covers and conceals and leaves your piece looking like a million bucks. 

If this isn't your first rodeo with Chalk Paint, please feel free to travel on over to there website and venture your way into the variety of techniques of chalk painting.  There are many.  
But today, I am going to give you the simple, easy one.

Here Goes.

Materials Needed:
1qt. of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
1 can of clear Annie Sloan Wax
Purdy Paint brush (Lowes) (I use a 2 inch brush)
Annie Sloan Wax Brush (I promise it's worth the purchase)
120grit Sand Paper
Wet Rag or Paper Towel

ONE:  Start with a Purdy brush, a size that you feel comfortable with and your choice of paint color.  If it's your first time painting, start on the side that you will less likely see or the bottom just to get used to the consistency of the paint.  Unlike regular paint, Chalk Paint is thick.  I usually start from the outside and work my way in.  Your paint will migrate into the cracks and don't worry if it's not a "solid" coat the first round.  You can always go back with a second coat later, but I have found that sometimes this brings more character to the piece by leaving some areas less covered.  

You can paint in all different directions.  Remember... if you are a new painter, don't stress it.  As long as you chose a color that you love, then you cannot mess it up.  
So lighten up, turn on some worship music and get your paint on.


TWO:  Once the paint is dry, go back and apply a second coat to places that you feel need the extra coverage.  I usually do this on the front of cabinet doors and table tops, but usually let other parts of the furniture have a more vintage feel.  
Oh, and did I mention you can paint while the kids are awake! This paint doesn't have the chemical smell that gives you a headache and it's echo-friendly.  
And if by chance it gets on those little fingers, no worries.  It washes right off.


THREE:  Now it's sanding time!!  This is when it really gets fun.  Start out light at first without applying much pressure and to an area less seen until you get used to it.  If by chance you take more off that you wanted, then don't sweat it.  Just cover it up with some paint.  

I usually always apply the sand paper to the corners and edges.  I apply a little more pressure to the corners of the piece for a more shabby chic look.   
When finished, take a damp rag or paper towel to remove any sand dust.


FOUR:  Wax!  After your paint has completely dried,  it is time for the final steps.  This wax not only seals in the paint, but it brings out the true pigments of the color.  Your piece becomes more rich in color and in texture.
It doesn't take much.  Dip your brush into the wax and in a quick motion, circular or straight apply on the furniture until completely covered.  Some of the wax will "ball" up... don't worry about that just yet.  

I usually only apply one coat of wax unless I am doing high traffic furniture such as, table tops, doors, chairs, etc.  Otherwise one coat should suffice.  If more than one coat is needed, allow 24 hours in between each coat.


FIVE:  When final coat of wax has set for 24 hours, take an old t-shirt and buff the furniture.  This removes any leftover wax "balls" and brings a light shine to your piece.  The more you buff, the more shine. 

Annie Sloan has a variety of colors (here) to choose from and all of them have a deep rich, antique feel that bring such warmth and character to the room.   The price per can is a little pricy compared to regular paint... however the paint covers a lot of area.  Click here, to find a local retailer in your area.  


Here are some of the Before and After's that were done from just ONE quart of paint
 (Duck Egg Blue). 
I promise you will be addicted. 







I usually do not paint the inside of the furniture. 
 I will write about "how-tos" and tips of painting a clean edge in a later post. 

Until then...  Happy Painting!!

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  1. Hey Tiffany! Love the blog :) I have painted something with chalk paint and love it. I want to do my kitchen table, but am afraid because I can't find anyone who has done it in high traffic areas with KIDS. I am assuming your kids eat at this table a lot? How has it held up? We have one table for all meals. So, this thing is going to have spaghetti sauce and peanut butter all over it, all the the wax tough enough?? Thanks!

  2. Allison most food comes right off if I clean it after meals... However for those spaghetti stains that I have let sit too long, I've learned that a little wax takes the stain right off! I did a total of 3 thick coats on the table top with 24 hours set time in between each coat. Thanks for the blog love! Have fun painting

  3. Tiffany, Thanks for taking time to share your talents. You have inspired me! I love your house! It's nice to see your beautiful family on Facebook.

  4. This is Debbie Dagenhart. Obviously I'm not your Mom I'll have to figure this comment thing out, sorry

  5. lol Debbie!! I am still figuring it all out also!! no worries and thank you for the comment love!! :) :)

  6. LOVE this! We are in total redecorating mode so this is helpful!! Gld you found me, now I am following you!

  7. That's awesome Ashley!! I look forward to seeing some before and after pics of your redo's :)

  8. Anonymous16.7.14

    wow !! it's really stunning and graceful to watch. I just loved your modern office furniture. business for sale brisbane cbd

    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!! :)