The Fast.

12:47:00 PM

Wade and I have been a part of Life Community Church for almost 3 years.  It feels like we were family there even before we moved to Wilmington.  It's just that kind of church.

Each year we participate in a church-wide fast for 21 days.  I wrote about this fast back in 2011 (you can read that here.) when we first experienced it.  Each year gets easier but has its own challenges.  Each year we have seen tremendous growth in ourselves and breakthrough in different areas of our lives.

From the words of Pastor Tim Blevins…

Why do we fast? 
 It is not to get the attention of God.  From the moment we are saved, we are His.  
We fast to get OUR attention. 

Do you want to participate?  Here's how you can be a part…

1.  Choose what you will fast from (diet, Facebook, social media, tv, etc.)
2.  Choose what you will do to draw near to God during the fast. (pray, read, worship, etc.)
3.  Write down 3 things you would like to see breakthrough in during these 21 days.
4.  Read the devotional from LifeCC website each day (here).


Enjoy this time of "withdrawal" to draw near to God.  I think we will all be surprised at how He changes us.

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