Fasting From What.

7:53:00 AM

I have had a lot of questions about the fast.  Peeps wanting to know exactly what I am fasting from and the details of how I am doing it… so feel loved because I am writing a blog at 7am.

I am fasting from…

1.  Grains and Sugar.
2.  The occasional glass of wine that I have.
3.  My phone from 9am-7pm

#1 has been a journey that I have been off and on for the past year, but it is STILL hard.  Yesterday during some homeschooling drama a piece of chocolate would have made everything much better.  I found myself a little crazy headed and I knew that this was the purpose of the fast… to pray when things get challenging.

(here is my go to blog for yummy recipes.)

However, #3 is the MOST difficult.  I honestly felt like my right hand was missing all day.  Unfortunately this reemphasized the addiction that I have to this.  I realized that too often I mindlessly scroll thru my iPhone just to temporarily "leave" my circumstances.  Kids going crazy… scroll.  Stopped at a red light… scroll.  Lunch time with my kids… scroll.  I'm scrolling wayyyyyy too much.

So how did I put down my phone for 10 hours?  I simply put my phone on silent.  I did not check it at all until mid morning and mid afternoon, when I had a break from homeschooling.  I only did that to make sure my hubs hadn't called with something important.  Otherwise all texts, calls, and social media alerts had to wait until 7pm.  I knew God was working in me in this area.  Every time I went to grab it, I felt the conviction of the Spirit.  That was confirmation that He wanted me to do this.

Here is the best part… every time I have a "withdrawal" I draw near to God by praying.  I simply wrote 3 things to pray for on the fridge.

My 3 things I'm Praying for… (I won't tell you the actual requests, but I will give you an outline to use.)

1.  Something that God is probably already doing.
2.  Something miraculous that would definitely be an answered prayer to our family.
3.  And something IMPOSSIBLE.  Something that is so big, it could ONLY be God.

I am definitely excited about the #3 prayer.  It sure makes the #3 fast seem less important.

Happy Fasting!!! :) :)

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  1. I love this. I'm motivated to work towards the putting down the phone part. Thank you for sharing!!